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Hair Salon Branding Glitz
Glitz Hair and Beauty
The Company
Glitz is a boutique hair salon based in the borough of croydon, with its high standards and attention to details when looking to rebrand they looked for a company with similar ethics and qualities. glitz has had a wealth of experience within the hair and beauty industry.
Creating the brand

We were delighted when we got the contract to handle Glitz Complete Branding overhaul. The well established Glitz had an out-dated brand and after our sit down with its director, we came up with a complete new-direction for the company. She explained this was a long time coming but waited for the company who could bring to fruition the vision he had for the brand.

“Was amazing to work with IODM, quality of work is top-notch and we continuously useIODM for our brand development”

Shanique – MD

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